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Early Music Chamber Orchestra

The Artistocrats is a new and fresh formation in the Hungarian early music life. The group is an enlarged version of Marquise Ensemble, which transformation enables us to play an even broader and more colorful repertoire.
We have been united  the best Hungarian early music musicians:
Judit Felszeghy - soprano  
Laszlo Blaskovics - male soprano
Katalin Kallay - recorders
Andrea Molnar  - recorders
Piroska Vitarius - violin
Agnes Kallay - cello
Zsolt Szabo - viola da gambas
Istvan Gyori  - lute and baroque guitar
Marta Gal - harpsichord
and other instrumentalists, such as : drum, harp etc. 
The Artistocrats aspire for: free and stylistic improvisation, freedom in musical expression, showing sparkling solistic colours in the frame of well-balanced chamber music.
Our programs include not only high Baroque pieces, but also music from the 16-17th century, performed in a free and improvisational style. Our further goal is to perform early music pieces from the Western European repertoire and also to research and play hidden gems of the Middle-European early music.
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