16th Danube Conducting Masterclass and Competition
2020 Budapest





with the Danube Symphony Orchestra

and Prof. András Deák - Principal Conductor of Danube Symphony Orchestra




We have free places for apply ! 

We hold the Danube Conducting Masterclass and  we have some new Rules


We think that most of us are in doubts and questions about how to carry on in this situation caused by the Pandemic. We like to be positive, we don’t like to cancel the masterclass,  we like to hold the Danube Conducting Masterclass and we made new rules depending on any potential non expected situation.  

In Hungary it looks like everything is getting back to normal. In the part of the orchestra it looks like we can hold the masterclass. The biggest question is the traveling possibility of the participants. 


We made some new rules, and we  try to keep as possible the following rules in our parts, and still the participants' responsibility the traveling and your other expenses.  


 It looks now the international travel restriction rules the most possible problem which can affect the masterclass is that somebody plans, but at last can’t come to the masterclass. Because of that here are some changing what would happen on that case:

- If you can’t come you can cancel the masterclass until 13 August :  or we keep your registration fee for next year or  we pay back the registration fee (we just keep the cost of bank transfer)

- If we have 7-16 number of participants who can arrive to the masterclass we keep the masterclass rules as the original plan was.

- If 2-6 number of participants can arrive to the masterclass we need to make restrictions: we reduce the days, but everybody gets 3x 1 hour individual lessons with pianists and the professor, and 80 minutes orchestra time and the best participants will take part in a  30-45 minutes concert.

Get going! 


Danube Symphony Orchestra's concert hall and rehearsal room, Danube Palace

Hungary, Budapest, H-1051.  Zrinyi Street 5.



13th-23rd August 2020 


Music programme of the course: ​

Mozart: Symphony No.40 in G minor, K.550

Beethoven:  Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92

Dvorak: Symphony No. 9 in E minor   "From the New World"

Strauss: Die Fledermaus- Overture

Bartok: Dance suite  

             Romanian Dances

Tuition fees:

Active participants €1280

Active participants – students (valid enrollment proof required) €1180

Passive participants  €200


Registration fee €300 ( part of the whole amount and refundable until 13th August ) 

Registration deadline:     

Danube Conducting Masterclass: 13th August  2020

The participant is responsible for paying the extra costs of the bank transfer. 




Payment information will be sent via email to applicants. 


About the course:

During the course the active participants are working on the music programme  with  Professor Andras Deak,  at the half time with two pianists, at the other half of the course every active participants will get 80 minutes conducting time with the Danube Symphony Orchestra.


Tuition languages: English 


Participation in the course is confirmed with a certificate.



At the end of the orchestra rehearsals the Professors and the Orchestra will decide which participants will be awarded with prizes.


1st.2nd.3rd. Prize: Conducting in the Final concert.


Final concert: There will be a final concert in Danube Palace with a selected programme from the course repertoire.

In the concert the first 2-5 participants chosen by the Professor an the Orchestra will conduct.



More conducting practice time: 

We  offer  more practice time possibility with the orchestra. 80 minutes/ 650 Eu / 35 member of orchestra.  We can give you the possible dates and times after your inquires. 

Click here for details:



We can also help you find a good accommodation in Budapest, and provide you with all the information you need.



How to apply:

Please send us an email if you are interested. 

Laszlo Blaskovics

email: conductingpractice@gmail.com

tel: 0036703623921


Registration fee is refundable !  

In the event that the masterclass is cancelled by the organizer due to unforeseen circumstances, the course and registration fees will be fully refunded. However we are not responsible for any incidental expenses such as non-refundable travel fares and accommodation fees.

If the participant forced to cancel due to circumstances beyond her/his control, the course fee is refundable, at the discretion of the organizer.